A Change of Color

Yes, I was silent on most of my usual online places this week, but for a good reason! I was painting and reorganizing my craft room! As summer comes to an end this week, I’ve been feeling a need for some brighter colors in my house to prepare for the upcoming winter. I think the thing that bothers me the most in the wintertime is just the lack of color in my surroundings! I decided last week that even though I can’t change that outside my house, I can certainly do something about it inside my house! Why not have a couple of walls the color of summertime orange sherbet to start?! That’s exactly what I did. I used it in my craft room so my husband won’t have to deal with orange walls everyday! LOL! Here’s a peak into my creative space:


This was in the middle of my painting project when I remembered I’d better take a “before” picture! A tad bit cluttered, I’d say! The two walls you can see in this picture will remain cream colored. As much as I love the new orange, I couldn’t bring myself to paint ALL the walls orange. The darker colors just seem to shrink a room too much for my liking! So…I compromised and painted half the room orange and left the other half the cream.


I moved my main work station to an orange wall and pushed the other brown desk to where my work station used to be. I love working by the bright orange wall and I really like facing the door when I’m working! 🙂 I can now stamp and keep an eye on my little ones playing in the playroom! (until they decide to come “help” me stamp, that is…) LOL! The brown desk is now my cutting station for Sizzix, Cuttlebug, etc. Love it! Now I just need to find some bright, cheerful art to hang in front of my chair!

This storage cube I found at Target…it’s now on sale this week, so I need to go get my money back! You buy the frame and then pick out whatever color cubes you want for the pull out boxes! How fun is that?!

Next up? Yellow! My dear hubby has agreed to let me paint the basement family room a creamy yellow! I’m excited! Fresh paint and then new white woodwork will soon be appearing to replace the old 70’s brown! Yay!

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  • Rebekah Posted Tuesday, 09/22/2009 7:10 pm

    Lookin' bright and cheery! 🙂

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