A Little Organization

I’ve been absent again, but will try to post some creative work by the weekend! We’ve got colds going through our house again and it does wear me out a bit when the majority of us aren’t feeling like ourselves! We’re also trying to get ready to put some new windows in our house before the snow flies, so have been prepping things for that project! I can’t wait to have it done so we can start on woodwork! I may take those words back once we actually start on the woodwork! 🙂

Here’s a little organization idea for anyone interested. I’ve always wondered what to do with all of my scraps of cardstock! They’re always too little to put back in with the bigger sheets, so I’d find myself digging in my files for them or forgetting I even had them. A couple years ago, I decided to solve that problem once and for all. I purchased a package of StampinUp’s clear envelopes and started making labels with my label maker! I now have a little basket setting on my table with an envelope of scraps for each color in StampinUp’s color families. It’s so easy to flip through them to find the scraps for the color/s I’m using for a project…they’re in alphabetical order!