First Picture Post!

Okay, today's the day! I'm going to post a picture of a card I made...finally! I'm an avid procrastinator, so this is "normal" for me...remember that, okay?! :)

I was doing one of the Splitcoast sketch challenges for this card and went out on a limb with my color combo. Never have I used these colors together, but that's just lil' ole me. There are probably those of you who have! I love this Wild About You set by Stampin'Up! It always brings a smile to my face and makes me feel like a kid again when I'm stamping with it! I'm thinking it would be cute for Valentines, just in different colors!

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I’ve Been Tagged!

Okay, so I'm a bit late finding this! Here's my list:

1. I love to quilt...but I don't have time these days for everything and quilting has been put on the back burner for a few years!

2. I'm a bookworm when given the time & opportunity.

3. I LOVE cheese pizza!! Pizza Hut hand tossed is my favorite these days.

4. My other job, after being a SAHM, is cleaning teeth & improving people's oral health as a registered dental hygienist.

5. I lived in New Zealand for 2.5 years as a young child.

6. I'm a 2-3 years behind on scrapbooking my sons' pictures! Aaaaaaargh!

7. I used to love to write poetry...maybe someday I'll start again?!

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This is life…

Yes, life continues to carry on, taking with it time. I think time could be considered priceless. We never seem to have enough of it, do we?! What am I spending the time I'm given on...things of worth? What is worth spending time on, anyway? Spiritual things, family, friends, health...just a few things that come to mind. Each day contains a set amount of time, but how much of it do I waste?

I've always wondered what I spend my time on. Seems there are lots of different types of journals out there that we are encouraged to keep (meditation, diet, fitness, thoughts, etc.), but I've never kept a time journal! Wouldn't that be interesting to know where our time goes every day? Maybe that's what I will try for the next couple days. I'm curious! I'm always telling myself I need to keep up with this blog and other hobbies, but always seem to run out of time, so maybe I need to take a closer look at my days! In the meantime, I'm starting to stamp more and it's really been wonderful! Most things are in my SCS gallery instead of here, but I'll try to change that once I figure out how to post a picture! :)Continue Reading...

Been a while!

Wow! Where does time go? Here I am posting almost a month later! Ah well, life is like that sometimes...especially with children!

It's hard to believe the holiday season is fast approaching! Can you believe in about a month we'll be stuffing ourselves on Thanksgiving Day?!

Speaking of which...I'd really like to make some Thanksgiving cards this year. Found an adorable stamp set at Cornish Heritage Farms (website) that I absolutely adore! It's just so cute! I'll have to post some pictures once I create my first card with it! Makes me smile just thinking about it!Continue Reading...

Day Two

I'm back! Can you believe it?! This blogging stuff has got my head spinning, but I'm determined to figure it all out! Still fighting with color settings and the like. I'll get there someday.

Today is a glorious fall day (I know, it's not officially autumn yet.). Love tromping through the leaves and hearing them crunch. Brings the kid out in us all, I think! Next, it's a visit to the local pumpkin patch!!

I really need to get some stamping done so I can post some pictures here soon. Would be so fun to actually be able to do that! Better go get to work!!
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New at This

Well, today I'm stepping out on a limb and trying my hand at blogging. Will see how this goes. If all else fails, I can at least say I tried! I don't know just how often I'll have time to post, but I'll try to keep things going each week. Wish me luck!Continue Reading...