Craft Room Reorganizing: Peak #3 (odds n ends)

Just a few pictures of some of the little things that make up my craft room:

This is where I”ll be keeping my albums that I’m working on.  The very top shelf holds my Copic markers, my scissors and tools and my liquid products (cleaners, crystal effects, etc.).  The bottom shelf will be changed once I decide what exactly I’ll store there!
This unit is where I store all my patterned paper.  The bottom drawer also holds my oldest child’s kindergarten papers.  The black file unit is where I store some of my 4 x 6 photos.  This idea is also from Stacy Julian’s Photo Freedom.
This sits on top of the black file drawer and holds my paper/sticker embellishments.  I’ve also found myself throwing new items in there too!  There’s something about having things out where I can see them!
I’ll take a final snapshot of the overall room and post it tomorrow.  I found a vibrant colored folding chair at Target this week on clearance that just put the finishing touch on my nook!  So exciting!