Digging Out

As I’m typing this, the sun is beginning to shine and the skies are becoming a beautiful, dreamy blue.  Dear husband is out snowblowing the 12-13 inches of snow we got overnight and the two older boys are out playing in it!  No school today and I don’t have to go into work (People don’t seem to want to drive in a blizzard for dental work…ha!).  A cozy day ahead and I’m hoping somehow I can sneak a little stamping in!

Rebekah reminded me to show my appreciation of the mail lady today!  I’ve been meaning to put a little something in the mailbox for quite some time now and today seems like the perfect day for it!  Thanks for the reminder!  🙂

Chocolate is always good and these cookies we made last night are some of our favorite!

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  • Rebekah Posted Wednesday, 02/02/2011 6:43 pm

    Looks yummy! We're all clear here now; sun is out and DH has just confirmed that he doesn't have to go in for a mtg this afternoon! Hoping to get some crafting time this afternoon!

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