Friday Favorite: Got Mud?

Our back door has seen its fair share of mud lately!  DS1 & DS2 seem to be drawn to a big area of dirt at the corner of our house.  It’s a place where we will eventually do some landscaping, but for now, it’s their play spot.  Add water and you’ve got a mud pond!  I don’t mind until they come happily waltzing through the back door with feet, legs and hands still covered in the gooey stuff!  Good thing this ole lady is a pro at intercepting!  🙂  I’m working on getting them to at least stop and visit the hose on their way to the back door for a pre-rinse!  Boys and mud are a glorious thing.  Carpet and mud are not.

That said, here is my most recent fabulous find (Thanks, Unity Stamp Co!):

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  • Rebekah Posted Friday, 07/01/2011 6:37 pm

    Perfect! You will have to make yourself some wall art with that for your hallway there. 🙂

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