Friday Favorite: It’s a Kit Thing

These days, I’m all for craft kits.  They’re time savers, let me tell ya, and with three little ones roaming the house, I love time savers!  I’m working on a scrapbook kit for 2011, called Project Life by Becky Higgins.  I’m having so much fun taking pictures and documenting our family’s daily life!  The whole family likes to get the album out from time to time and see what I’ve taken pictures of and what I’ve journaled!  Each weekend, I do the previous week’s journaling and organize, edit and upload the photos to WalMart (my only decent local option) whenever I’ve got a handful to print and will be running errands.  How easy is that?!  Makes the historian component of motherhood that much easier!

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  • Angie Posted Saturday, 03/26/2011 8:38 pm

    Didn't even realize you had this blog Melissa! You're quite the crafty girl! I browsed back a few pages and you must have quite the collection of cards on hand! You should sell them (or maybe you already do). 🙂

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