Friday Favorite: It’s Raining Buckets!

I love brightly colored metal buckets for organizing around the house!  This time of year I see all kinds of buckets trying to get my attention in the stores because of Easter.  Target has quite a few in their dollar section right now!  What fun!  I picked up 3 more today!  They are so fun for those little items in the house that need a place to reside, but don’t belong in a drawer!  I’m a visual person, so having things out where I can see them (and where I can be reminded that I own them…) is a good thing!  If our roof ever leaks, we’ll be prepared.  LOL!  Really, I do not own that many!  🙂

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  • Rebekah Posted Saturday, 04/02/2011 12:31 am

    Ha, I always think of you when I see them! 🙂

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