Friday Favorite: My Digital SLR

This is the other love of my life.
If I could choose one thing that I’ve invested in that I’ve never regretted, it would be this wonderful digital SLR camera, my Nikon D70.  Yes, cameras continue to evolve and change with the addition of new bells and whistles attached.  I purchased this camera back in 2005, so I don’t think you can even find it for sale anymore unless you’d buy it used.  There have been two newer models introduced in its place since this camera came out & I think the D90 has video taking capabilities.  I’m satisfied with this “older” model.  It takes wonderful pictures and we have a smaller camera for carrying in my purse when I’m in town that takes videos.  I get this one out for the close ups and photo shoots of people.  Did I say I love this camera?!!