Friday Favorite: Queen of the UFO’s

(A.K.A.  Unfinished Objects)

Parenthood seems to have given me a sort of disorganized multi-tasking characteristic that I’m not the most proud of.  Yes, I have a lot to do as a parent, but I wish I was better at focusing and accomplishing more than I do in the course of a day, even the course of a week!  Maybe I’m a bit unrealistic when it comes to the expectations I have of myself as Queen of the Castle, but I can dream, right?!  🙂
Last weekend, when my DF and I spent the day at Archiver’s, I rounded a corner in the store and came across this bag:

I laughed and knew I had to have it!  It’s just perfect!

As I’m typing this, I’m also in the middle of meal planning for a holiday weekend of company.  🙂  My grocery list is getting made and then I need to make a grocery store run (hopefully beating the Memorial Day weekend crowd), while picking up some much needed pictures from the developer.  However, my DH has offered to pick up the pictures on his way home from the lumber yard.  Maybe that’s the key to motherhood…delegation?!  I’m workin’ on it.

**DON’T FORGET!!**    There’s blog candy to be won!  🙂

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  • Bernadetta Posted Saturday, 05/28/2011 7:03 pm

    That just made me laugh!!! I too am the queen of unfinished projects. Such is the life of a mommy!!!

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