Friday Favorite: Sweet Indulgence

Casey’s cake doughnut with caramel frosting…and sprinkles

I really think coffee and sweets encourage the consumption of each other.  Today is a classic case for me.  For some reason, while my coffee was brewing at breakfast time, I had this vision of a doughnut come floating through my head.  Why doesn’t something like an apple or yogurt associate itself with freshly brewed coffee?  So many times, when I have coffee, I find myself dreaming of something sweet to go with it.  The reverse is true too.  When I have something deliciously sweet or rich (Think, “Chocolate!”), I find myself dreaming of a hot cup of coffee to go with it!  I’m thinking about writing an adult version of the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (not really).  It would be entitled If You Give an American a Coffee.  How many of you out there find yourself associating two foods/drinks with each other?  The same goes for pizza/soda and popcorn/soda for me, although, I’m doing much better these days at convincing myself that these don’t have to be consumed together!

Today, I gave in.  Today, I will be having a longer appointment with my treadmill to work off the extra 350-400 scrumptious calories.  Life is good.  It really is!  🙂


  • Rebekah Posted Saturday, 03/05/2011 11:06 pm

    Oh YUM! Haven't a had good donut in a LONG time!

  • Jen W. Posted Sunday, 03/06/2011 2:17 am

    So agree with the pizza/soda thing! It just seems wrong to have anything else to drink with pizza… Found your blog through Joyful Creations with Kim. Looking forward to more!

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