Friday Favorites: Color Me Happy

 (Storage container is from Pampered Chef)

I’ve been getting back to using my stash of Copic markers lately and am reminded how much I enjoy using them!  If you want some quick, free tutorials on using Copics, just go to YouTube and search for Copic markers!  Suzanne Dean has a few videos on there and, if you so desire, she also has some classes online you can take (not free, however)!  I’m a novice, by all means!  I just keep practicing, practicing, practicing in the hopes that some day I’ll actually feel like I’ve mastered the technique.  I’d really love to take a Copic certification class sometime, but so far there haven’t been any open to the public in my area.  I’ll keep waiting…


  • Rebekah Posted Friday, 02/04/2011 10:04 pm

    Oh my, this is all too funny….AGAIN! I have one of these and have been thinking of doing the VERY same thing!!! It's just every time I get into my corner and want to organize, I find myself NEEDING to get a card done and out in the mail and no time to just organize and enjoy my other “hobby”!! 🙂 So, glad to know it works LOL!!!!!!

  • mollymoo951 Posted Saturday, 02/05/2011 1:02 am

    Nice marker storage! I need to get mine out of the drawer. I really like looking at the colors!

  • Misti Posted Saturday, 02/05/2011 4:42 am

    Great marker storage! I certainly use mine more frequently when I can see them & have them readily available.

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