Happiness is…

…a babe in arms.

…a shortbread cookie.

…smile lines on a face.

…freckles on a youngster’s nose.

…the fluffy, evermoving tail of a squirrel.

…a soft conscience.

…a thankful heart.



  • Ardyth Percy-Robb Posted Sunday, 09/15/2013 1:04 pm

    This is perfect! Love personified!

  • Lisa Posted Sunday, 09/15/2013 8:04 pm

    What a beautiful photo!

  • Sandy Posted Monday, 09/16/2013 9:55 pm

    And a beautiful mom with her precious daughter

  • Angie Posted Tuesday, 09/17/2013 1:42 pm

    So sweet Melissa. Hope all is well.

  • Jen W. Posted Wednesday, 09/18/2013 1:00 pm


  • Rebekah Posted Friday, 09/20/2013 5:33 pm

    LOVE! This is where Phebe loves to be too!

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