Happy Mail

I received some very happy mail today!  After becoming the lucky winner of some blog candy over on Michelle’s wonderful blog, I was watching my mailbox for a box of goodies!  I’ve unpacked and put away all the contents and I can’t wait to make use of them!  The enclosed hand made card was so pretty!  Thanks, Michelle!  🙂

On another subject, I’m so sorry for the lack of posts this week!  We’ve been down and out as a family with last week’s flu bug biting more members this week, including me.  I started feeling extremely tired yesterday and ended up having a rather fitful night last night and felt pretty much like a truck had run over me this morning.  Thank goodness it is the weekend and DH is home!  🙂  I’m feeling quite a bit better tonight and hope things just keep improving!  Here’s hoping this coming week is much better!