Precious Remembrance Planning Page + a Wedding Card


It’s time for more Tuesday Ideas over at Precious Remembrance blog today & I’m sharing a planning idea! You can check it out here!

I also wanted to share a wedding card idea that came to mind while stamping the planner page.  I love it when things come together fairly easily!

I used the filmstrip from the Journey stamp set as a frame for a love struck couple of smiley faces from the Coffee Love stamp set.  The sentiment is from one of the sets in the newest release, This Moment.  I heat embossed it with black embossing powder

DS1 ended up being bitten by the stomach bug yesterday morning, so we’re back to square one in that department.  Strict quarantine measures were in place all day yesterday, so now I can only hope for the best.  Half the family is still waiting to see if they’ll be bitten.  On a happier note, however, the rest of us spent some much needed time out in the sunshine and warmer temperatures of the day!  DD was one happy camper!  Oh, the mud puddles that are appearing!



  • Lisa Posted Tuesday, 03/10/2015 11:20 am

    This is so cute Melissa, love the images you combined!! So sorry about your son, hope he feels better soon!!

  • Judy1223 Posted Wednesday, 03/11/2015 3:13 am

    Melissa, this is such a lovely wedding card! Way to combine stamp sets. Sorry to hear your son was sick, hope he is feeling better and that the rest of you have steered clear of it! We have lots of snow melting here…and lots of muddy grass at soccer and track practices!

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