I am so excited!  The raspberries on the edge of our property are ripening.  I’d have to say that raspberries are at the top of my list of favorite foods!  I love them, especially mixed in with a bowl of Cheerios!  Nothing like it.  Believe me.  I have fond memories of picking raspberries in a city park when DH and I were first married.  We’d take some bowls with us and just start picking away until the bowls were full.  Then, we’d take them home and devour them!  Now I have my own.

In other news, I did finish my bathroom painting project.  I started it while home alone with three little boys.  What was I thinking?!  (I wasn’t, obviously.)  But, by golly, I got it done in one day.  How’s that for determination?!  I just need some good daylight to take the “after” picture.  Then, you’ll get a peek.  It’s a big change from what was there previously…  🙂