Reality Check

Every now and then, it’s good for me to go through my crafty things and purge, organize and rearrange.  For one thing, it’s so nice to work in a clean craft room.  For another thing, it brings me back to reality, showing me that I probably have enough in my creative stash to keep me busy for this and another lifetime!  🙂  How easily I tend to add to my collection without thinking about what I already have!  This weekend, I dug in and am now in the middle of the whole reorganizing process in my little craft spot.  You probably remember that when we moved to this house I had to downsize quite a bit!

From this (an entire bedroom in the basement):

To this (a little walk-in closet off the kitchen):

Since the second picture was taken, I’ve rearranged a few times (That’s just what I do!  LOL!).  Recently, however, there’s been one thing bothering me about my current set up:  I don’t work in the room itself at all!  I haul my crafty things out to the kitchen island to work!  Three things bug me about this:

1.  I make a total mess of my kitchen island, the heart of our home.
2.  I can’t leave my mess there when I’m in the middle of a project.
3.  I spend a good amount of time going back and forth to grab supplies in the middle of a project.

I love having a place to store my creative goods, but it bothers me that I don’t actually work in the room and, instead, make my little family look at my creative mess (it’s not always pretty) whether they choose to or not!

Wracking my brain and looking for ideas one afternoon over the weekend, I realized I had what I needed to create a little counter height work table that would fit snugly in the room!  (My dear sis-in-love got me thinking about this through Pinterest, btw…Thanks, sis!)  I had purchased two Closet Maid storage cube units & fabric bins from Target last year (on sale) to organize things by color (an idea which I still love):

I realized that these units are 36 inches high, the perfect counter top height!  Put two back to back and voila!  A nifty little craft table that I can stand up next to and work!  I should tell you that I rarely sit down while crafting unless I’m coloring an image and that I figure I can still do in the kitchen.

Here’s a picture of where I’m at right now (in the transition stage):

Notice that I still have a few things to put away?!  🙂  Stay tuned…

**Enjoy your Monday!**


  • Darcie Posted Monday, 09/26/2011 2:44 pm

    Wow, you did downsize a bit. Okay a 'big' bit. It is always interesting trying to figure out how to make things work in new surrounding. Seems like you got a plan. Enjoy the process. 😉

  • Sandy Posted Monday, 09/26/2011 8:16 pm

    Wow that's quite a downsize…
    Having a good worksurface is key and the storage units should work well! Could you connect the two units & put them on lockable caster wheels – then you could move it around if you needed to & allow you some flexibility… I guess you'd have to make it that you could 'break apart' the units if you wnated to put them back onto a wall somewhere…
    I know that I 'move' my studio upstairs to the kitchen and make a 'mess' up there & then haul it back down to my studio… LOL

    TSB team

  • KarenC Inspired Posted Tuesday, 09/27/2011 1:18 am

    Great job on downsizing. Hard to do with this craft. Why-when we have tons of stuff to use-to we feel the need to buy more? I'm crazy like that!

  • Mrs Starling Posted Tuesday, 09/27/2011 10:59 am

    You're welcome! At least my time-wasting on there isn't always a bad thing! 🙂 (Right now it's usually a good mental break for me between discussion questions.) I like the “table”!

  • Lani Posted Tuesday, 09/27/2011 3:04 pm

    Love it.

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