Take Twelve: February


This year, along with Stacy Julian’s online class called Twelve (registration is now closed), I’m taking twelve pictures on the 12th of every month.  I’ve been wanting to share, but this month is the first month I’ve actually sat down and put together a collage of my photos.

Since February 12th fell on a Sunday, I took pictures to capture the quiet, reverence we try to have in our home the first day of each week…

  • The day starts with church.  Right now, Cheerios and baby books are part of our weekly take alongs.  🙂
  • DH had just arrived home from overseas the night before and was enduring jet lag.  We do take Sunday afternoon naps now and then, but this day it was out of pure necessity!
  • Sunday evenings are when the boys get their allowances for the week ahead.  I usually divide their age by the number of weeks in the month and that is their weekly allowance amount.  At their ages, it doesn’t take much.  LOL!
  • Sunday evenings are also our time to look ahead and plan out the new week.  DH and I usually sit down and go over what appointments, events and to do’s we have and then plan together accordingly.
  • The boys often spend a quiet Sunday afternoon doing art activities of their choosing.  This particular Sunday they wanted to work on Valentine’s Day themed things…with a side of hot chocolate.


  • Rebekah Posted Saturday, 02/18/2012 3:38 pm

    Nicely done!

  • Audrey Pettit Posted Saturday, 02/18/2012 3:58 pm

    This is just fabulous, Melissa! What a neat way to document your daily lives. Every time I see a cool project like this, I wish I did one, too. Maybe someday, right?
    Thanks for sharing! Love this!

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