The Challenge of Contentment

I’m going to start a monthly challenge to make the colder months a bit more interesting in my little world of crafting! You can join me whenever a challenge appeals to you or you feel you need it! 🙂

Challenge #1 (October):
After spending some time sorting and organizing in my craftroom the past several days, I’ve realized the extent of my hoarding! This is just the tip of the iceberg in my beloved stash of purchased, but yet unused treasures:

As of today, I am challenging myself to use what I have for one whole month without purchasing anything new from the crafting world, no matter how exciting and irresistable they may seem in the stores and online! A “look, but don’t purchase policy is now in place!” 🙂 I’m thinking I may not even look…eeek! Anyone out there care to join me?

End date: November 1st!