Time Marches On

I haven’t completely vanished!  The summer has been an extremely busy one for us this year!  We moved and welcomed a new little one into our lives, all within a month of each other!  Might as well get it all done at once, right?!  🙂

In our new house, my craft room is more like a craft closet.  The original owners described the room as an office, but I’ll have to say, it is a rather small one at 6′ x 8′ or so!  Amazingly, I’ve been able to fit the necessary furniture and storage items into it and I’m feeling rather proud of that!  I do have a pile of items to donate, however, like never used scrapbook albums (I’ve moved on to the 3-ring binder type so won’t be using the post bound, etc. anymore).  Wonder if anyone knows where I can donate scrapbook supplies on the local level?  Anyone ever done it?  I’ll post a picture or two once I finish getting things sorted and organized!  One thing I’m learning in such a small craft space is that going vertical is a life saver when you can’t go horizontal!