To Everything a Place: Week 2 – Lego

Wow. This week as I was trying to decide where to go with this decluttering/organization project, I found myself getting a bit overwhelmed by all the possibilities!  I finally took a deep breath and thought, “Use it or lose it!”  I will start each project with this mantra.  Everything must be used fairly often or it must leave!

What did we work on this week?  Something I seem to have a love/hate relationship with…


As anyone with little boys knows, Lego is an inevitable part of childhood.  In our house, DS2 is the Lego collector and DS1 gladly plays along whenever they decide Lego is the activity of the day.  I had stashed the growing collection on a shelf in the kitchen pantry, but it was becoming an eyesore for me, especially when they took them out and played in the kitchen!  After moving all my craft supplies out of the little room off the kitchen (except the cabinet seen on the right in the photo below), I decided the room would be theirs for a while (It’s actually to be a future mudroom.)!  Problem was…

…it looked like this most of the time!  It’s a good thing there is a door that closes!

I had DS2 sort through this mess, bagging up sets.  He got the job done eventually!

I purchased some Sterilite organizers at Target and the bagged sets will go into these and labeled when I get a chance next week.  The nice thing is, these organizers fit onto a simple bookshelf that we’ve had forever!

See the binder in the above photo?  I organized all their instruction manuals into a binder using sheet protectors and dividers!

I put all the boxes that the sets came in quietly in the recycle bin.  DS2 has held onto them for much too long and they take up a lot of room!

This is what the room looks like today:

Now I have another idea brewing for the little table and the nook it sets in!  I’m thinking this little room could serve as a great homework area too!  That’s a project for another week, though!

Enjoy your weekend!



  • Gail Park Posted Sunday, 09/08/2013 1:36 am

    My boys did a lot more “freestyle” Lego so we kept theirs in stackable drawers with 2 colors in each drawer and a couple of bigger drawers for the people and specialty pieces. They still ended up on the floor quite a bit though. My favorite thing they ever built was the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World which they built on a large square base complete with walled town and aqueducts. One of my boys was the thinker, and he was a history nut, the other carried out the designs. It was something to behold!

  • Tracey McNeely Posted Sunday, 09/08/2013 1:47 am

    Miss those days, all Lego is still in my son's closet in a big Rubbermaid bin. Every though he hasn't had it out in 5 years. 🙁

  • Lisa Posted Sunday, 09/08/2013 3:05 am

    Bet you feel GOOD!!! My son loved the castle legos sets and still has them. Someday I see his little ones to be playing with them!!

  • Yazmin Posted Sunday, 09/08/2013 3:26 am

    Great idea and your room looks fantastic. We immediately moved to a ziploc bag system ourselves when we started buying sets for our munchkin.

  • Doris Posted Sunday, 09/08/2013 10:15 am

    My son (now 43) used his Legos right through high school with his friends. Somehow, they loved dumping a big container of pieces on the floor and creating. I think it prepared him for being a computer techie, which is what he does for a living. Now he loves being in a room full of cables!

  • Sandy Posted Sunday, 09/08/2013 5:57 pm

    You smart lady you – that's a lot of legos!

  • Gillian R Posted Sunday, 09/08/2013 7:59 pm

    Oh my goodness, even looking at that lego destruction makes me nervous. Glad you managed to get a system in place

  • Judy1223 Posted Sunday, 09/08/2013 8:05 pm

    Oh, how awesome! I actually bought an under-bed box for my son's Legos and put them (along with all the directions) there. I'm sure that system will work out beautifully!

  • Jen W. Posted Wednesday, 09/11/2013 3:08 pm

    I was a HUGE Lego fan as a kid and played with it for hours. (I even won a trip to Legoland in Denmark but that's another story). Those drawers look like the perfect storage solution!

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