U Rock

It’s been a busy week here!  We spent a good portion of it at my DH’s parents’ farm.  It’s spring break for our boys, so we thought we’d create a trip full of grandparents for them!  I think we visited two sets of grandparents and two other great grandparents within four days!  Whew!  The boys had a blast, though, and DS2 has now put a four wheeler on his birthday wish list!  LOL!  Good luck with that, Son!

I made a masculine card last night using an older 2 Cute Ink image.  Both DS1 and DS2 like outer space themed things, so I’ll be saving this little card for one of them.



  • Audrey Pettit Posted Monday, 03/19/2012 10:48 am

    This is uh-dorable, Melissa!

  • Susie Posted Thursday, 04/05/2012 4:10 pm

    You rocked this one, Melissa! It's so cute and I'm pretty sure your DS1 liked it too *smiling*

    Susie ~

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